With vineyards first established in the 80's and 90's we felt it was time to really hone in on some of these old blocks and keep them separate from our other families of wines. We have crafted this small lot series from vines that were planted prior to the year 2000. Winemaker Jeff Hundertmark has treated the fruit as gently as possible and made every effort to give the best reflection of these choice sites as possible.

Before 1990, apart from a few industry pioneers, most of the grapes grown in BC were hybrid varieties that produce a lower quality flavour for wine. That all changed with the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the United States. With the onset of free trade, the government allowed growers to remove their vines and plant crops of their choice. As a result, two-thirds of the 3,400 grape acreage was removed, leaving just 1,134 acres of grapes, only half of which were estimated to be vinifera grapes.

These changes launched the subsequent planting of quality vinifera varieties which saw the beginning of the modern BC wine industry and the impressive BC wine we enjoy today.

As well as owning some of these rare vinifera grapes planted before 1990, we are also fortunate to have an abundance of grapes grown during this first era of development. Original Vines refers to the oldest vines within our estate. Fruit used in the production of this series was planted no later than 2000. Older vines naturally produce smaller yields and smaller berries, increasing the intensity of flavours, structure and complexity of the wine. Some even go so far as to say that the deeper roots system of older vines produces a greater expression of terroir when compared to a younger vine.


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Summit is the culmination of years of tending to the vine, carefully cultivating pristine grapes from our top blocks. A cornerstone of our wine portfolio, Summit is the most accurate representation of our care in the vineyards and art in the cellar. We hope you enjoy!

Jeff Hundertmark - Director of Winemaking

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