Our Vineyards

Great wines come from the places around the globe where winemakers take the time and consideration to make the kind of wine that only a particular place can; where wine is craft first and ‘product’ second.

The Okanagan/Similkameen is this kind of place. Here winemakers strive to express what’s distinctive about their region, creating wines that are uniquely British Columbian. Our appellations are at the northernmost limit of wine growing, claiming the territory of last frontier. Here, grape quality is ultimately enhanced by the vines’ struggle to yield ripe fruit in a shorter growing season. To some, it might seem miraculous that grapes can thrive here, but thanks to the incredible lakes, hills, and soils, they do, and they do very special things.

Meet our Manager of Viticulture

Brett Thiessen

Brett Thiessen Manager of Viticulture

Managing 300-acres spanning across five vineyards in the Okanagan and the Similkameen, Brett envisions a time when the soil is healthy and full of life and each site is farmed as its own ecosystem. “We have some of the most beautiful vineyard sites in the valley and it is my goal to start farming with nature instead of against it. The conversion to organic is going to take time, but we are starting this year (2019) by removing all synthetic chemicals from our vineyards in order to build a sustainable relationship with our soil and our vines. This shift is not only safer for our team, our neighbours and our environment, but it will inevitably lead to the consumer having more honest, pure wines with a true sense of place.”  

Our Vineyards

Mt. Boucherie Estate Vineyard - West Kelowna

Appellation | Okanagan Valley
Varietals | Pinot Noir, Gewürztraminer, Zweigelt
Growing Degree Days | 1,270 degree days

Our West Kelowna vineyard, located on the eastern shadow of the former volcano Mount Boucherie, is home to our
wine shop and winery production facility. The grapes thrive in the sandy loam, clay and limestone soils rich with mineral deposits and volcanic rock. The summers are hot and provide long daylight hours.

West Kelowna Vineyard - Okanagan Winery