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Summit reflects the pinnacle of everything we do, from vineyard to winery. We are blessed to own exceptional vineyards that are some of the oldest in both the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys. This wine aims to showcase this incredible land, drawing on low yields, honest winemaking, and patient aging.

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Great wines come from places around the globe where winemakers take the time and consideration to make the kind of wine that only a particular area can. Wine is a craft first and a ‘product’ second.

The Okanagan/Similkameen is this kind of place. Here winemakers strive to express what’s distinctive about their region, creating uniquely British Columbian wines. Our appellations are at the northernmost limit of wine growing, claiming the territory of the last frontier. Here, grape quality is enhanced by the vines’ struggle to yield ripe fruit in a shorter growing season. To some, it might seem miraculous that grapes can thrive here, but thanks to the incredible lakes, hills, and soils, they do, and they do extraordinary things.

Mt. Boucherie Estate is fortunate to have over 300-acres of estate property, including some of the oldest vines in both the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys. These extensive vineyards require a dedicated and passionate team to oversee their development and growth. Brett Thiessen, Manager of Viticulture, leads with an absolute passion for farming with nature instead of against it. He envisions a time when the soil is healthy and full of life, farming each site as its own ecosystem. Starting in 2019, Mt. Boucherie Estate removed all synthetic chemicals vineyards practices to begin building a sustainable relationship with the soil and our vines. This shift is not only safer for the team, neighbours and environment. But it will also inevitably lead to consumers having more honest, pure wines with a true sense of place.

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Mt. Boucherie Estate treats every wine within its cellar with tender and careful care, but none more than the juice that goes into our Summit wine.

These blocks are cropped at 3 tons an acre or less, depending on the growing season. The grapes are then carefully hand-sorted and patiently aged in our cellar in a concentrated effort to capture the exceptional terroirs. The individual varietal components are then aged separately for 13 months in 100% French Oak barrels (35% new). Our winemaking and sommelier team then spends multiple days tasting every barrel to select only the best examples of terroir and varietal flavour components. These barrels are carefully blended and aged a further 11 months in neutral French oak barrels allowing the flavours to harmonize. The winemaker's influence on this entire process cannot be understated.

Jeff Hundertmark, Director of Winemaking, meticulously oversees every aspect of the process. The harvest dates based on ripening and season, the toast and style of barrels, and the final blend of the wine. No two season is the same. Each year, he must work with the grapes that nature sees fit to deliver. And each year, he produces an outstanding wine representative of the respective British Columbia vintage.

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Summit is the culmination of years of tending to the vine, carefully cultivating pristine grapes from our top blocks. A cornerstone of our wine portfolio, Summit is the most accurate representation of our care in the vineyards and art in the cellar. We hope you enjoy!

Jeff Hundertmark - Director of Winemaking

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